Richard Pyke Performance Horses and MB Quarter Horses
Here we specialize in happy all around and futurity horses from birth to the show pen primarily in AQHA and APHA. Our events include Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Showmanship, Halter, Equitation, Western Riding, Longeline and Reining. We offer many services including breeding, coaching, training, showing, clinics, marketing and sales. We enjoy developping youth and amateur to help them attain their goals whatever they may be. We also love developping young horses to be successful in the show pen for the long term. This is all done in a great friendly atmosphere. We also try to keep our rates as low as possible to make good training/coaching affordable for everyone!
TRAINING: Out training programs are tailor made to every individual. We offer different packages to suit each owner and horse's needs and goals. They range from us training only to leson/training combos. We like to train at the horses's pace, bringing them along at a rate they can physically and mentally handle. We often find that doing so results in a horse that learns more quickly and are very happy with their jobs as they are not too pressured or stressed past what they can handle. We work to enhance and encourage the horse's natural ability and build on it. It is very important to us to develop natural flowing movers who are comfortable. Our goal is to have well broke, well adjusted horse who is easy and a joy to ride. As such we ride with the goal in mind to be as soft as possible. When we make corrections our discipline is only as much as the resistance that is met. When we correct the horses we do so quickly, as quietly as possible. We are not into harshly treating a horse for a mild infraction. The horse's well being is always a priority.

COACHING: Another part of our program that is tailor made to the client's needs and goals. We try to assess where the student's strengths and weaknesses are and build on them. We also assess how each student best learns and incorporate visual, audible and practical practice to aid the learning process and adjust these aids according to the individual's learning needs. We encourage alot of thought on the part of the student and as such develop thinking effective riders instead of mechanical riders. We try to make it fun and enjoyable to learn and love to answer questions and help others learn as much as they can..all in a friendly manner

OUR TEAM: We really encourage a team effort at home and at shows. Our students and clients support one another and cheer each other's efforts. When preparing for shows, it is done as a group find this team effort provides a feeling of security, comraderie and belonging as well as confidence that carries through into the show pen.

MARKETING: We have a very successful marketing/sales program. We have sold many horses in the US and Canada to very happy homes! MArketing includes networking, internet listings, magazine ads and ad design.
The TRAINERS: Richard Pyke is a multiple reserve world champion trainer in APHA and top ten/reserve champ and world coach ABRA. He has also claimed and coached to many National titles in multiple all around events, countless all arounds and year end awards in AQHA, APHA, PtHA and ApHC...and the list goes on. He worked with such greats as reining legend Bob Loomis and top AQHA judge Joe Carter. Richard's passion is horses and he brings 30 years of experience to the program! He believes in staying up to date in this ever changing industry and stays on top of the industry trends and evolution adjusting his program accordingly.

Mellissa Low-Buckley is a 2X reserve world champion/world champion/top ten trainer in ABRA as well as claiming and coaching to
national championships in multiple events, many year end, all around and circut awards in APHA, PtHA, PBHA and AQHA. She is a graduate of the Olds College 2 yr Equine Science program. She is full of fresh and new ideas and loves her job. Her desire is to be the best that she can be and encourages her students and horses to do the same. She also stays up to date on the industry evolution and studies the current trends.
BREEDING: We are so proud to offer BLAZIN ON THROUGH

CARE: We treat every horse here as if they were our own. they get lots of individual attention and love and we truly do care about the horse's we have here. Their well being comes first in care and training. They get fed 4 X a day and we offer group and individual turnout. There is a short trail off our road for breaks and training too.

LOCATION: We are located in picturesque Langley, BC, just 10 mins from the WA/BC border. We are central to many shows and tack shops!

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