Another unusual project...
What do these first 2 photos have in common?
1980's wedding gown
Bassinet/ Moses basket unit
Maybe you are thinking...well one follows the other in most cases.....well in a way you are right but this gown had not seen the light of day for 30 years and when the owner decided to make it into something else.....
First I covered the hood all by hand using the lining and part of the skirt.
Then the front and back panels from the bodice of the dress which will be wrapped over end dowels with a casing.
And finally two sides panels made from the hems of the dress which are wrapped over the side dowels with Velcro strips on the back.
Now all we need is the finished photo of all the pieces put together before the unveiling at the daughter's baby's a secret. This woman's daughter did not want to wear her mother's wedding gown when she got married last year so her mother is surprising her with a truly heirloom bassinet to hand down through the family.
Keep watching for that final photo!
Here it is all assembled and waiting for the baby to arrive.

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