Some wedding dresses let you have an outside bustle, some will only look good under aka the French Bustle. Here are some recent brides who liked how their dresses turned out...more to come as the season progresses.
This dress was 6 inches too long and the only way to shorten it was to make rows of gathers on the seams to pull it up and create scallop shapes near the hem.
The bustle consisted of 5 different points with loops and buttons to get all of the train off the ground.
Some dresses work with only one covered button and loop.
This train started out as petals.
But bustled up looked lovely with folds.
Not too much to work with but a French bsutle did the trick so this older bride could walk around without tripping on her train.
Sometimes all the layers just make unusual folds and can resemble something quite old fashioned with lace near the hem looking so sweet.
This dress has so many ruffles and swirls and the bustle just adds to the fullness and fun.
Talk about ruffles! This dress was a mass of organza and tulle ruffles cascading down to the floor but when bustled up you cannot even see where it begins and ends!

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