Fantasy RPG game made in Langley British Columbia. Complete d20 style system, just print it yourself.
DragonWizards FREE Rpg d20 Game
Includes Game System, Players guide and over 700 fantasy graphic cards.
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Dragonwizards RPG Role-playing Game. An independant system with pencil, paper, dice and cards. Played with d20, d10, d6, players role-play, dungeons, dragons, wizards, and fantasy situations with monster cards, game cards, weapon cards, and playing cards.

DWRPG Quick Game Demo PDF Download

What is this game:

I tried to discover that answer after spending 10 years creating the game system. Originally the idea was to make a self-creating game system that challenged the players to think and solve situations. After a while it became a game creation system, which used the cards to generate the movement and action. The main trouble was that suddenly I had hundreds of cards and found that the printing cost was higher than expected. So then I contemplated making it an email-turn game, and used this system to play online with 7 newbie players for a whole year. Suprisingly, they all managed to continue to the end, and subsequently I made an 8 chapter book from their adventure.
View the cards and you will realize this game became an out of control graphics adventure for myself, but even after finishing the game 5 years ago I still believe the core rules and value of plot twists, treasures, tricks and traps would especially interest a DM or GM Gamemaster. You will be impressed by the amount of ideas that this dungeon master IMAGINED to keep the players engaged and interested, even after 5 separate games...

Free player, game, weapon and monster cards are available on the links below. Also you can read the Players Guide and Gamemasters Guide so you can plan your strategy before you go into the fight. Reading tips and strategies really help players just like how reading online gaming strategies help gamblers to win their game of blackjack online or other types of card games. But the main goal is for everybody to have fun! I have always been a fan of dice, card and chips games including role play games. So I have devised a gambling system into the Dragonwizards RPG game that is simple and fun to play with. All you need is three six sided dice and you wager gold coins based on double and triple rolls. The higher the roll the more you win.

Dragon Wizards Free Game and Fantasy Cards Info
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Player Cards Downloads
Game Cards Downloads
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Monster Cards Downloads
Players Guide PDF Downloads
Gamemasters Guide PDF Downloads

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Game Synopsis

DOWNLOADS: There are around (10) download files that range from 5meg to 20meg. All downloads contain collections of game material or fantasy graphic cards

Print or Display?
1: PRINT - I suggest printing the rules, player cards and game playing cards. You can play an evening with about ten monster cards (2-4 hours)
2: DISPLAY - If possible save print costs by using a laptop, ipad or tablet to display the cards to the players.

FROM THE CREATOR: This was tons of work, and lots of fun to create. Unfortunately I created it about 15 years ago so the print quality is low (96dpi) but the creativity and enthusiasm to make an epic adventure was high ;)

ARTISTS: There were about 40 artists who donated graphics to the creation of our game. Originally I posted their website links on the monster cards, yet many of the sites are gone from ten years ago. If any artists would like a new link or credits posted drop me a line. ty and hugz.
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