How to get to Fort Langley | Google Street View map and directions.

How to get there from:
~Walnut Grove follow 88th Ave.
~Maple Ridge cross the Albion Ferry (Free)
~Langley follow Glover Road North
~Surrey follow 96th Avenue North

~Vancouver Follow #1 Hwy to 200th.
a: North then turn right on 96th
follow until end (Glover Road)
b: North then turn right on 88th
follow to Glover then turn left

Note - The Free ferry service from Fort Langley to Maple Ridge HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED.
Golden Ears Toll Bridge crossing to Maple Ridge and Tri-Cities

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Fort Langley Roads
88th Avenue
96th Avenue
Billy Brown Road
Glover Road
River Road

Bartlett Street
Casamir Street
Church Street
Copperbeech Avenue
Coulter Court
Crickmer Court
Douglas Street
Edal Street
Fillardeau Avenue
Francis Avenue
Frenice Street
Gabriel Lane
Gay Street
Greer Street
Haddon Street
Hudson Bay Street
Jenny Lewis Avenue
Kanaka Street
King Street
Labonte Avenue
Mackie Street
Major Street Mowat Street
Marr Street
Mary Avenue
McAllister Street
McBride Street
Muensch Trail
Nash Street
Queen Street
Rawlison Crescent
Rennie Avenue
Royal Street
Sailes Avenue
Seney Place
Singh Street
Smith Place
St. Andrews Street
Trattle Street
Waska Street
Wright Street
Young Avenue
76B Crescent
79th Avenue
80th Avenue
86A Avenue
222A Street
227th Crescent
223A Street
224th Street
240th Street
Fort Langley Street Names
Bartlett St.
Casamir St.
Church St.
Douglas St.
Edal St.
Frenice St.
Gay St.
Greer St.
Haddon St.
Hudson Bay St.
Kanaka St.
King St.
Mackie St.
Major Street
Mowat St.
Marr St.
McAllister St.
McBride St.
Nash St.
Queen St.
Royal St.
Singh St.
St. Andrews St.
Trattle St.
Waska St.
Wright St.
222A St.
223A St.
224th St.
240th St.
Fort Langley Avenue
79th Ave
80th Ave
86A Ave
88th Ave
96th Ave
Copperbeech Ave
Fillardeau Ave
Francis Ave
Jenny Lewis Ave
Labonte Ave
Mary Ave
Rennie Ave
Sailes Ave
Young Ave
Fort Langley Crescent/Trail
Coulter Court
Crickmer Court
Gabriel Lane
Muensch Trail
Rawlison Crescent
Seney Place
Smith Place
76B Crescent
227th Crescent
Fort to Fort Trail 1
Fort to Fort Trail 2
Fort to Fort Trail 3
Fort to Fort Trail Map
Fort Langley Road Map
Fort Langley Village

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