Reasons you love Fort Langley

1- Cantankerous Collection of Crazy Cow Contraptions Website
2- Learning Everything about Cranberries Website
3-Fresh Baked Muffins at Country Fair Bistro & Patio Website
4-Going Choo-Choo at the Heritage Rail Station Website
5-Steak & Prawns overlooking the Bedford channel Website
6-Picking Blackberries on the Fraser River Fort-to-Fort Trail Website
7-Extra Cheese on Jim's Pizza
8-Walking the Dog around the Village
9-Refined Country Dining at Lampliter Website
10-Her smile after receiving a gift from Country Fair Jewelers Website
11-Victoria Day Parade and sounds of marching bands Website
12-Laughter of grandchildren, family and community kinship
13-A ten minute errand takes two hours because you chat with everyone you know!
14-The new 2km Trail behind the Campsite know one seems to know about
15-A great place for wedding photos in the summer, with vintage and heritage backgrounds.
16-Hairitage salon eyebrow threading
17-Pampering yourself to some relaxation at MiCasa Spa for the day.
18-All the AirBud Disney Movies were filmed there. That golden retriever could play everything...
19-The country feeling.
20-Knowing there is still a big town with a small family friendly kindness.
21-Sitting in the park on a bench near the rivers edge eating take out food watching the streaming Fraser River river flow on by.

Bluegrass at Country Fair Bistro downtown Fort Langley.
This building is a replica of the Hudsons Bay Storehouse.
Tri-Events Historic Annual Fort Langley Marathon.
The Dancing Baker
Fort Langleys First Celebrity :)

Korean Tragic Love Story filmed at Fort Langley Airport.
Sad ending ~ Korean Music Video

Fort Langley

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