Fort Langley Native pow wow drummers British Columbia Canada. Kwantlen Indian band near the Fraser River in the Lower Mainland Vancouver.

What was the Indian name for the Original Fort?
Answer: Snugamish


The story-tellers of the Halkomaylem told a story of the days before the big islands were formed. Back then, the water was crystal clear and the salmon and sturgeon could see the approach of native fishermen from its depths. The fish could easily evade their spear and net. Consequently, there was a scarcity of food at all times. The inhabitants of the Stahlo Prole (Fraser River) found it difficult to exist. Then it wasthat Q'als, the great transformer took pity on the tribes and darkened the waters with silt. Ever since the fish have been easily confused and captured.

Fort Langley BC Canada Pow Wow 2005 drummers

Your religious calling was written on plates of stone by the flaming finger of an angry God. Our religion was established by the traditions of our ancestors, the dreams of our elders that are given to them in the silent hours of the night by the Great Spirit and the premonitions of the learned beings.
It is written in the hearts of our people thus:
We do not require churches, which would only lead us to argue about God. We do not wish this. Earthly things may be argued about with men, but we never argue about God.
The thought that white men should rule over nature and change its ways, following his liking, was never understood by the red man.
Our belief is that the Great Spirit has created all things. Not just Mankind, but all animals, all plants, all rocks...For us all life is Holy. But, you do not understand our prayers, when we address the sun, moon and winds. You have judged us without understanding, only because our prayers are different.
But, we are able to live in harmony with all of nature. All of nature is within us and we are part of all nature.
Peq Skweto


Fort Langley BC Canada Pow Wow 2006 drummers

EAGLE - Highest perception, The divine spirit closest to the Great spirit.Eagle down is a symbol of peace and friendship. Eagle symbolizes strength, great vision, ability to reach further, bridging worlds with leadership. Carries prestige, bringer of clear sight and truth.

BEAR - Great strength and courage. Power of the inner knowing unconscious. Learned humility of teaching and motherhood. Elder kinsman and mother natures herbalist and friend.

BEAVER - Creative and determined. An intelligent home builder that symbolizes security and activity.

BUTTERFLY - Beauty and perfect balance. Dances of joy and desire to travel. Brings a sign of change with the art of transformation and uniting.

COPPER - Power, rank, welth and prestige. A symbol believed to end misfortune and bring prosperity.

FROG - Inner peace and Happiness. The unique form of the frog represents innocence. A cleanser of the spirit and strong family unity.

HALIBUT - The first creature to emerge from the sea as man. A protector of all life.

HERON - Balance in relationship. A walking teacher who is patient, graceful and self determined. Easy going with a quiet inner strength.

HUMMINGBIRD - Great beauty. A tireless spirit messenger of luck, love, femininity and intelligence.

KILLER WHALE - Communication. The lord of the ocean carries the history of the world. Symbolizes harmony, goodness and intuition.

KINGFISHER - Luck. Patience, speed and agility.

LOON - Reflection and serenity. Symbolizes solitude and the re-awakening of old dreams, imagination, independence and harmony.

OTTER - Curious playfullness. Symbolizes free-loving, sharing, balanced energy and joy.

OWL - Silent wisdom. The power of healing with guidance for others through transition and breaking through deception.

RAVEN - Creation. Gives light to the world and can transform anything. Is wise and crafty, and may be a mysterious trickster or a helpful hero.

SALMON - Prosperity. Begins the cycle of life with its intuition. A provider and giver of life with instinct. A salmon in a pair is a sign of good luck.

SWAN - Beauty and fidelity. Serene power is emotional and sensitive. As a dreamer is has mystical longevity. A mate for life.

SUN - Power of light and growth. The giver of life force with energy, light and warmth. Replaced each day by the eagle.

THUNDERBIRD - Omnipotent. Ruler of the sky and heavens, most powerful of all spirits. A noble master of the elements. It can blink its eye to create lightning and flap its wings to clap thunder. Removes the moon from the night sky.

WOLF - Great pathfinder. A loyal family protector. A courageous protector with strong endurance. A smart and good provider on the land.

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